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2013 is half over, so Bobo talks about 2012 some more.

Hi, Bobo here. It’s hard to believe, but 2013 is already half over. It feels like it was just yesterday that I was struggling to pick and choose what my favorite releases of 2012 were. Yet here we are, two and a half weeks into June. While I’ve still got no idea what’s going to … Continue reading

Ramsey – You’ve got a Lot of Heart, Kid (Review)

You’ve got a lot of heart, kid is the debut EP from the three piece band “Ramsey” and it’s a good one to say the very least. This EP is Ramsey’s introduction into the ever growing Pop Punk genre, but that being said even someone who isn’t a fan of the genre such as myself can … Continue reading

Don’t Hate the Player, Hate the Game

The inevitable passing of time has brought the people of the northern hemisphere to the most lively of seasons; Summer. As much as I hate summer for the truckloads of ignorant tourists that it brings to my hometown, it also brings something that I perennially look forward to; Summer brings people outdoors, which in turn … Continue reading