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Kind of Review: The Venetia Fair – …Basically Just Does Karaoke (Covers EP)

Amidst this time of reflection and sea of #AotY lists, I’m bustin’ into this joint with a pre-release review of sorts. Who the hell releases an EP on Christmas Eve? Well that’d be Boston’s The Venetia Fair, duh. Back in 2012 TVF held a Kickstarter campaign to fund the DIY recording and release of their sophomore … Continue reading

The Venetia Fair – Every Sick, Disgusting Thought We’ve Got In Our Brain (Review)

Playing like the house band for a gallows humor carnival, The Venetia Fair’s new album, Every Sick, Disgusting Thought We’ve Got In Our Brain is a 49 minute roller coaster ride that starts off with “Too Late To Dream,” – its orchestral drums and somewhat Mariachi-style trumpet segueing into absolute mayhem. Which is not to … Continue reading

Ramsey – You’ve got a Lot of Heart, Kid (Review)

You’ve got a lot of heart, kid is the debut EP from the three piece band “Ramsey” and it’s a good one to say the very least. This EP is Ramsey’s introduction into the ever growing Pop Punk genre, but that being said even someone who isn’t a fan of the genre such as myself can … Continue reading

Ape Up! – Kemosabe (Stream)

Boston punk band Ape Up! is currently streaming their debut album Kemosabe on the Count Your Lucky Stars bandcamp. This is their first release with a label and is the first work that we’ve heard from them that isn’t a demo. While the album only clocks in at around 20 minutes, the album is so jammed … Continue reading

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