Jump Little Children

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Canaan’s Corner: Turning 15 – Jump, Little Children’s Magazine

Jump, Little Children should have been a huge band. They had all the mechanics and intangibles to succeed: catchy pop rhythms, superb songwriting, plus they just didn’t sound like anybody else; they had their own unique sounds that separated them  from all the other big time bands of the mid-to-late 1990’s. Their mixture of traditional … Continue reading

Canaan’s Corner: Who Else Could Reunite in the Year of the Reunion?

2013 has been an absolutely mind-blowing year for reunion acts so far. From Violent Femmes, The Postal Service, Jurassic 5, and Wu-Tang Clan making their reunions known at Coachella, to Black Flag, Neutral Milk Hotel, and The Replacements reuniting for their first tour dates in 22 years, it’s been an incredible amount of reunion tours across … Continue reading

Song of the South: An Interview with SouthSounds Music Festival Co-Founder Emily Hayes

The music scene in the South is very vast and wild out there in these times. It’s a really great time for diversity in our music scene. Well some folks decided that we needed to round up a bunch of these great bands and performers from all around the Southeast and put them all in … Continue reading