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Gotta Love the Tiger Waves

The other day I was exploring Bandcamp, looking for some cool music and I stumbled upon “Weekends,” the new single by Tiger Waves. I decided to look for more of their music and I downloaded their previous EP, Don’t Be Yourself. All of these tracks are so relaxing and I love hearing them. Ever since I … Continue reading

Youngblood Hawke signs to Universal Republic.

Youngblood Hawke released through facebook recently that they have decided to sign with Universal Republic and that they will be releasing a new EP sometime in August. There isn’t a bunch of info on the subject yet, but based on their self-titled EP and their song “Rootless”, this EP looks like it has a lot of … Continue reading

Awesome Bands You Should Know About

This is my first post for this blog and it is also the first time I have ever written anything that wasn’t for school, so expect me to mess up a few times. I decided to share some music you should all should definitely check out. Magic Milk This band is fun to listen and … Continue reading