I'm very opinionated about music, but I think I'm reasonable with those opinions. Live by logic, if you can give me proof that what I say is wrong, I'll admit I'm wrong. Heavily into pop-punk and Doctor Who. Fun Times.
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Going Past Skin-Deep

The subject of my editorial this week is one that some might disagree with, but I feel I have to address. A good number of people decide that they should get a tattoo the moment that they turn eighteen for no reason other than the fact that they can. In my opinion, this is one … Continue reading

Don’t Hate the Player, Hate the Game

The inevitable passing of time has brought the people of the northern hemisphere to the most lively of seasons; Summer. As much as I hate summer for the truckloads of ignorant tourists that it brings to my hometown, it also brings something that I perennially look forward to; Summer brings people outdoors, which in turn … Continue reading

Setting Fire to the Hipster Bandwagon.

This being my first contribution to the blog, I decided that I should write about something I feel very strongly about. Of course, I feel strongly about quite a few things, but one thing comes to mind on this particular day. One of the biggest problems with music today, more specifically the type of music … Continue reading