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Album Review: Mazzy Star – Seasons of Your Day

There have been some excellent reunions this year, and I’ve talked about them in detail over the course of the year. One that slipped under my radar was the reunion of Mazzy Star; led by the duo of Hope Sandoval and David Roback. The band achevied massive cult success in the early to mid-90’s, gaining … Continue reading

Album Review: Kings of Leon – Mechanical Bull

Whether you love them or hate them, you can’t argue the amount of success Kings of Leon has had since dropping 2008’s Only by the Night. Grammy wins and nominations, millions of albums sold worldwide, successful tours and headlining festival appearances, Kings of Leon have been a vital part of the musical landscape over the last … Continue reading

Canaan’s Corner: Turning 15 – Jump, Little Children’s Magazine

Jump, Little Children should have been a huge band. They had all the mechanics and intangibles to succeed: catchy pop rhythms, superb songwriting, plus they just didn’t sound like anybody else; they had their own unique sounds that separated them  from all the other big time bands of the mid-to-late 1990’s. Their mixture of traditional … Continue reading

No Format is the New Format: An Interview with Mod Mobilian Co-Founder Emily Hayes

I hop on my computer this morning. I need some tunes to get me through a really rough morning as I’m headed off for my 2nd day of third-year sophomore in collegedom. Barely any sleep. Morning radio on the dial won’t cut it today; not interested in hearing the drone of morning talk radio and … Continue reading

Album Review: Superchunk – I Hate Music

“I hate music / what is it worth / can’t bring anyone back to this Earth / I fill in the space between all the notes / But I got nothing else / So I guess here we go”, croons Mac McCaughan on “Me & You & Jackie Mittoo”, the second track off Superchunk’s latest … Continue reading

Canaan’s Corner: Who Else Could Reunite in the Year of the Reunion?

2013 has been an absolutely mind-blowing year for reunion acts so far. From Violent Femmes, The Postal Service, Jurassic 5, and Wu-Tang Clan making their reunions known at Coachella, to Black Flag, Neutral Milk Hotel, and The Replacements reuniting for their first tour dates in 22 years, it’s been an incredible amount of reunion tours across … Continue reading

Song of the South: An Interview with SouthSounds Music Festival Co-Founder Emily Hayes

The music scene in the South is very vast and wild out there in these times. It’s a really great time for diversity in our music scene. Well some folks decided that we needed to round up a bunch of these great bands and performers from all around the Southeast and put them all in … Continue reading

Canaan’s Corner: Flying the Black Flag

Black Flag is back. I love it. Recently announced, two different versions of the iconic late 70’s/80’s punk outfit are going out on the road. The first of the two is a band that will actually be called Black Flag, featuring founding guitarist Greg Ginn and 1979-era singer Ron Reyes. The band has already announced tour … Continue reading

New Music: The Sunshine Factory – “Marigold, I Know”

One of my favorite local bands down here in LA (That’s Lower Alabama) is shoegaze trio The Sunshine Factory. The band consists of Ian Taylor (lead vocals/guitar), Sally Robertson (bass/background vocals) and Clay Bates (drums). The band has been leaking some of the new material from their upcoming 3rd record, who’s name has yet to … Continue reading

Festival Lineup Breakdown: Coachella 2013

COACHELLA’S LINEUP IS HERE! There is unbelievable excitement going around for the newly announced as of a couple hours ago lineup for Coachella, one of the biggest and most popular festivals in the world. Hosted in the Indio valley in California, Coachella plays out over back to back weekends, with this year’s Weekend one being … Continue reading

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