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Cleofis’ Top 10 albums of 2012+ 10 honorable mentions because he’s the worst.

10. Purity Ring – Shrines: Super fuzzy pop music surrounding creepy, surreal lyrics. Layers and layers of melodies in order to create that drugged out feel with very ghastly vocals 9. Death Grips – No Love Deep Web: Putting Money Store above this would just be silly. They ditched a whole tour for The Money Store because … Continue reading

Ape Up! – Kemosabe (Stream)

Boston punk band Ape Up! is currently streaming their debut album Kemosabe on the Count Your Lucky Stars bandcamp. This is their first release with a label and is the first work that we’ve heard from them that isn’t a demo. While the album only clocks in at around 20 minutes, the album is so jammed … Continue reading