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DJ’s Honorable Releases of 2013

Another year of music is nearly behind leaving us with some spectacular releases. In the last year, I have more than ever concentrated on diversifying my taste. While this has kept me very busy, it has been very rewarding to me to dig up these artists and try to get their sounds into other people’s ears.

Here are the releases of 2013 that did not quite make my final list, but are still amazing releases that deserve some attention.

100) Bars of Gold- Wheels
(post hardcore/indie)

99) Trentemoller- Lost

98)Milo- Things That Happen At Night
(hip hop)

97) Rotting Out- The Wrong Way

96) Papertowns- Passion/Aggresion

95) Midas Fall- Wilderness

94) Ka- The Night’s Gambit
(hip hop)

93) Locktender- Kafka

92) San Fermin- San Fermin
(indie/chamber pop)

91) Quadrupede- Quadrupede
(math rock)

90) Native- Orthodox

89) Swarm of Spheres- Invest In Your Death
(sludge/stoner rock)

88) Forest Swords- Engravings

87) Young Fathers- Tape Two
(experimental hip hop)

86) The Doppelgangaz- HARK
(hip hop)

85) The Field- Cupid’s Head
(minimal techno)

84) Brave Bird- Maybe You, No One Else Worth It

83) Diamond Youth- Orange

82) Dorena- Nuet

81) Autopsy- The Headless Ritual
(death metal)

80) Children of God- We Set Fire to the Sky

79) Field Rotation- Fatalist: The Repetition of History

78) Cloudkicker- Subsume

77) Comadre- Comadre

76) Geskia!- Silent of Light

75) Nekrogoblikon- Power
(death metal/folk metal)

74) Manu Shrine- Annutara Ash
(future garage/dubstep/ambient)

73) Holy Ghost!- Dynamics
(indie pop/electronic)

72) Anamanaguchi- Endless Fantasy
(chiptune/indie rock)

71) Access to Arasaka- Ecrasez L’Infame

70) Architect- Mine

69) Barrow- Though I’m Alone

68) Charles Murdoch- Weathered Straight
(garage/future garage)

67) Soap and Skin- Sugarbread

66) Rorcal- Vilagvege

65) Fallujah- Nomadic
(technical death metal)

64) Gold Panda- Half of Where You Live

63) Intronaut- Habitual Levitations

62) O’Brother- Disillusion
(progressive rock/post-rock)

61) Olafur Arnalds- For Now I Am Winter

60) Blood Orange- Cupid Deluxe
(indie pop/rnb)

59) Grandmilly- Amerikkka the Beautiful
(hip hop)

58) Youth Avoiders- Youth Avoiders

57) Sloths- Knives

56) Shlohmo- Laid Out

55) A Great Big Pile of Leaves- You’re Always On My Mind

54) Rainmaker- Alienation

53) Atoms For Peace- Amok

52) Autechre- Exai

51) Moderat- II

50) Laura Stevenson- Wheel

49) Huerco S- Colonial Patterns

48) Donovan Wolfington- Stop Breathing

47) ASC- Time Heals All
(drum and bass/ambient)

46) My Bloody Valentine- mbv

45) iO Sounds- iO Sounds
(future garage/techno)

44) Moving Mountains- Moving Mountains

43) Thriftworks- Deviation

42) Daniel Avery- Drone Logic
(deep house/techno)

41) Gris- A l’ame Enflammee, l’ame Constellee
(atmospheric black metal)

40) Windhand- Soma
(doom metal)

39) Vance Joy God Loves You When You’re Dancing
(folk/indie pop)

38) Ruined Families- Blank Language

37) Misery Signals- Absent Light

36) Drug Church- Paul Walker

35) Darkside- Psychic

34) Full of Hell- Rudiments of Mutilation

33) Fuck Buttons- Slow Focus
(experimental electronic/noise)

32) The Ocean- Pelagial

31) Ceephax- Cro Magnox

30) Logos- Cold Mission

29) Semantik Punk-abcdefghijklmnoprstuwxyz
(noise rock/mathcore)

28) V.I.V.E.K- Asteroids/Over My Head

27) So Stressed- Attracted To Open Mouths
(noise rock/punk)

Emika- DVA
26) (trip hop/experimental)

25) Nacho Picasso & Avatar Darko- Vampsterdam
(hip hop)

24) Cult of Luna- Vertikal

23) No Sir- The Future Is Bright

22) Jungbluth- Part Ache

21) Super Water Sympathy- Hydrogen Child
(alternative/indie pop)

20) Mazzy Star- Seasons of Your Day
(dream pop/shoegaze)

19) Grave Babies- Crusher
(post-punk/noise rock)

18) Janelle Monae- The Electric Lady

17) Sainte Jeanne- Thin & Sick of Sin

16) Flint- Brof Ken Piano

15) Strawberry Girls- French Ghetto
(math rock/experimental)

14) Haunted Horses- Watcher
(noise rock/post-punk)

13) Whores.- Clean
(noise rock/sludge/stoner rock)

12) A Wilhelm Scream- Partycrasher
(punk/melodic hardcore)

11) Los Campesinos!- No Blues
(indie rock/pop)

10) Danny Brown- Old
(hip hop)

9) Savages- Silence Yourself

8) Naibu- Fall
(atmospheric drum and bass)

7) Mmoths- Diaries

6) Church of Misery- Thy Kingdom Scum
(doom/stoner metal)

(indie rock/punk)

4) The World is a Beautiful Place…- Whenever If Ever

3) Audio Dope- Anthophobia
(beats/future garage)

2) Khaldera- Relief

1)u-Ziq- Chewed Corners

Thanks for looking! My top releases of 2013 post will be up soon.



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