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Canaan’s Corner: Who Else Could Reunite in the Year of the Reunion?

2013 has been an absolutely mind-blowing year for reunion acts so far. From Violent Femmes, The Postal Service, Jurassic 5, and Wu-Tang Clan making their reunions known at Coachella, to Black Flag, Neutral Milk Hotel, and The Replacements reuniting for their first tour dates in 22 years, it’s been an incredible amount of reunion tours across the spectrum of music.

But that got me thinking: Who else could reunite in the year of the reunion? After some serious research and consideration, these 3 bands came to mind as 3 acts I’d like to see grace the stage again….and maybe you will too.

Hüsker Dü


Why it should happen: Think about it. All 3 members are still alive and in good health, Bob Mould is still rocking as hard as he ever has, and there is a great connection between fans of both them and The Replacements. in 2004, Mould and Grant Hart played at a benefit show for Soul Asylum bassist Karl Mueller, performing Husker Du material. A Husker Du reunion would be one more major alternative-sound founding rock band to get on the horse and show these kids how it’s done, man.

Why it probably won’t: Bassist Greg Norton hasn’t been musically active in a really long time and has shown no desire to do anything of the sort, plus Mould and Hart have never shown any interest in doing it either.

NOTE: A reunion of Mould’s post-Du band Sugar would really awesome, too.



Why it should happen: There have been rumors about the band getting back together for years. They’re as popular now as they ever have been. Bands have cited them as a major influence in their sound. and their one of the emo genre’s greatest pioneers. They can attract a wide audience and bring across fans across two different generations. They were also rumored last year to part of Coachella.

Why it probably won’t: Blake Schwarzenbach. He’s repeatedly made mention that he feels like he is incapable of bringing the band’s tunes justice and that he he’s physically incapable. Hopefully Blake can get it together. We would love to see them grace the stage again.

Jump, Little Children


Why it should it happen: The band’s magnum opus, 1998’s Magazine, hits its 15th anniversary next month, and longtime fans of this sort of still unknown band would love to see the band celebrate. The band is known for high energy performances and the interaction it had with their fan base. There’s still a lot of interest in this band from its hardcore fan base. In my interview with Emily Hayes about SouthSounds Music Festival, she said they were part of her dream SouthSounds performance.

Why it probably won’t: Logistics. The band is spread out all across the East. Jay Clifford (lead vocals, rhythm guitar) and Johnathan Grey (double bass) live in the band’s hometown of Charleston, SC, while Matthew Bivins (vocals and multi-instrumentals) and Evan Bivins (drums) are in Chicago, and Ward Williams (cello/guitar) lives in Brooklyn. If the band can overcome the gap, it’s possible, and the band have never officially ruled it out…. so who knows.

Other bands I’d like to see reunite are Slowdive, Pavement, Sleater-Kinney, Remy Zero, L7, Uncle Tupelo and I’m sure I’m missing more.

Who would you like to see reunite later this year or next? Let us know!


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