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No Format is the New Format: An Interview with Mod Mobilian Co-Founder Emily Hayes

I hop on my computer this morning. I need some tunes to get me through a really rough morning as I’m headed off for my 2nd day of third-year sophomore in collegedom. Barely any sleep. Morning radio on the dial won’t cut it today; not interested in hearing the drone of morning talk radio and … Continue reading

Album Review: Superchunk – I Hate Music

“I hate music / what is it worth / can’t bring anyone back to this Earth / I fill in the space between all the notes / But I got nothing else / So I guess here we go”, croons Mac McCaughan on “Me & You & Jackie Mittoo”, the second track off Superchunk’s latest … Continue reading

Canaan’s Corner: Who Else Could Reunite in the Year of the Reunion?

2013 has been an absolutely mind-blowing year for reunion acts so far. From Violent Femmes, The Postal Service, Jurassic 5, and Wu-Tang Clan making their reunions known at Coachella, to Black Flag, Neutral Milk Hotel, and The Replacements reuniting for their first tour dates in 22 years, it’s been an incredible amount of reunion tours across … Continue reading