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Skyline Cinema – Your Own Design (Review)

 Your Own DesignEvery now and then, you find a band that just sticks with you. Though it has only been a few months since I found Skyline Cinema– they have become a favorite of mine. Since the night of the launch of their single- Give Up, I’ve been hooked, and now they have released their debut EP titled “Your Own Design”.

Skyline Cinema is a Philadelphia based post hardcore/ indie female fronted trio of a band who cites bands such as Brand New and Circa Survive as influences, which really shows with their music.

From start to finish this EP is 21 minutes of musical bliss, from the heavier tones of “Truth is the Perfect Lie” to the much calmer, and kind of soothing “On My Own” this band proves that they have the skills to make diverse music ,and they might just be the best female fronted post-hardcore band I have heard.

This band is one you should not skip out on, as you will likely be amazed by them. You can pick the EP up over on their bandcamp page  for 7$ and it is for sure worth your money.

This EP gets a perfect 5/5 for me and is as good as gold. When the only flaw with an EP is it’s length- you know you have something great. Pick this one up, you will never regret it.


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Just a quiet kid from Canada, who's in the process of piecing his life together! Huge fan of concept albums and progressive music, and just music in general.


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