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Ramsey – You’ve got a Lot of Heart, Kid (Review)

you've got a lot of heart kid - ramseyYou’ve got a lot of heart, kid is the debut EP from the three piece band “Ramsey” and it’s a good one to say the very least. This EP is Ramsey’s introduction into the ever growing Pop Punk genre, but that being said even someone who isn’t a fan of the genre such as myself can still get enjoyment out of the album, but if you are a fan of pop punk- you might just fall in love with this band.

The music on the album has a nice feel to it, that shifts from song to song. You have more relaxed tracks such as “Versus” followed by very high energy songs like “You’ve got a lot of heart, kid”. It also has one of my favorite things a band can do with a short album: toss an acoustic track of one of the songs onto it like they did with “A One-Way To Anywhere” with both versions being really great, but the acoustic track being even better and my personal favourite track on this EP.

The main flaw I found with this album was that it felt a bit to short, but that’s an issue most EP’s will have, but this album left me a bit unsatisfied in a way in that it didn’t really leave me hungry for more after listening to it, like most EP’s should. That is most likely the effect of me not being big into pop punk which means this probably won’t happen if you are a fan of the genre, meaning you might be left  hungry for more and thankfully for those in that situation- rumour has it that Ramsey is set to record more music in the summer.

Overall this is solid EP, and I’d recommend it to anyone who is a fan of Pop Punk  and wants to give a new band a listen, or someone who would want to hear the equivalent of a ‘Pop Punkified’ “Rise Against”. You can pick it up over on their bandcamp page, amazon, or itunes for a quick 5$ (or more if you wanna support them further over on bandcamp) and I’d say it’d be worth it, but give it a quick listen before buying (which should be done with all albums). It gets a 7/10 from me.


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