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Time Travels – Secret (Review)

time travels

There exists a certain type of song most music listeners loathe known as “the song that ends way too soon.” Just when the song starts to swing, it abruptly ends, leaving the listener aggravated because we didn’t want it to end just yet. For New York-based indie-rockers Time Travels, the title track off their 5-song EP Secret is the song that should not end as soon as it does. The band does a masterful job building up one of the better songs Counting Crows never wrote, ending on a gospel choir sing-along that will surely be a blast to hear live. “Wraith” also unfortunately ends much too soon, and just when a playful ukulele break leads into an indie wall of sound. The band also seems to become much more comfortable being themselves over the 19 minute run time. Singer/guitarist Francis McGinnis starts “It is” off with a fractured warble over a sparse guitar line, but by “The Eye” it seems as if he’s more in tune with himself and the music his band mates are playing, even though “The Eye” suffers from a general lack of direction. It’s hard to listen to “Wraith” and not see the band making faces at each other as they play the song; it’s that infectiously joyous. Apart from one unfortunate song title (come on, guys and girl, you’re not Fall Out Boy, you can do better than “Orange you glad I didn’t say ‘banana?'”), Secret is a record that shouldn’t be one for very long.




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