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Time Travels – Secret (Review)

There exists a certain type of song most music listeners loathe known as “the song that ends way too soon.” Just when the song starts to swing, it abruptly ends, leaving the listener aggravated because we didn’t want it to end just yet. For New York-based indie-rockers Time Travels, the title track off their 5-song EP Secret is … Continue reading

The Grape and The Grain – Better Keep Digging (Review)

The Grape and The Grain is a project done by Daniel Grimsland who is the bassist of the band 3 and Time Travels. This album, however, features him playing everything one-man-band style: playing all the instruments and doing the vocals; that really shows how talented this man is. Better Keep Digging has a great sound that to me … Continue reading

Cable35 – Fungus (Review)

Cable35 are in love with the ‘90s. Their latest offering, Fungus, is 19 minutes of Nirvana worship with traces of Pixies (“Rental Sunshine”) and pure punk rock (“Boznich”) thrown in for flavor. At their best, this UK trio bring enough energy to rival country mates Pulled Apart By Horses (“Spinach”), or surprise the listener by … Continue reading

Emerging Artist: Shapes & Colors

Rising from the ashes of Aria Aesthetic, Shapes & Colors is an alternative rock outfit hailing from Troy, Michigan. Debut album Hold Your Breath, released in May 2012, shows an incredible amount of promise for a group trying to find their niche in the industry. For a first album, Hold Your Breath is a refreshingly … Continue reading