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The Birth of a Song

Back from the brink: Josh Eppard embarks on a new musical endeavorI fancy myself a bit of an archivist, but have never quite been one to capture moments and immediately, as they’re happening, upload to social media. 4 years ago I was lucky enough to capture more magic than I could hang onto. 2 years ago I decided to piece together some of the footage I’d obtained and create somewhat of a documentary to share with the world. Maybe it could have been used as a marketing tool for a long-awaited album that was finally seeing a release. Maybe not. Mostly I just felt like this footage was extraordinarily special. There’s no way I could keep it to myself. So I grabbed up the one person I’ve interviewed most in my life, hit “record” on my digital camera, and asked him a few questions.

However, as luck would have it, while I was sitting with all my materials- cutting audio, dragging and dropping video… my computer fried.

Dead. Done. All my files gone, save for a select few that the specialists could locate.

I was discouraged, heartbroken, angry. All my years of irreplaceable moments. Family vacations. Not to mention the hole in my wallet from having to purchase a new machine.

Recently I came across a comment someone left for Joey Eppard about how someone should document his musical family. He just released a live DVD, and I’m in the process of organizing an episode of my radio show co-hosted by him. His father (Jimmy Eppard) is a remarkable blues musician. His uncle (John The Baker) fronts a West Coast based Hardcore Punk band (FUCKTARD). His brother drums in Coheed and Cambria and is also a hip-hop artist. The two brothers (and both sets of brothers) rarely perform together. Footage of all the aforementioned is among what I lost.

Frustrated yet simultaneously inspired by a post on the Eppard Brothers facebook page as well as Coheed and Cambria’s performance last weekend at the legendary Radio City Music Hall, I decided to once and for all, piece together what I could and finally share some of this magic I’ve been so desperately longing to share.

Without further ado, I invite you to fill in my shoes for a few minutes and experience the birth of a song. From the moment an idea takes a life of its own, to sitting behind the board at a multi-million dollar recording studio (Applehead Recording and Production- which by the way, all the Eppards had a hand in building). Enjoy!

The video is about Weerd Science‘s song “Unlovable Loser,” which appears on the 2011 release Sick Kids. As discussed, the music was written by producer/multi-instrumentalist, Dave Parker, who is known from his tenure performing live keyboards in Coheed and Cambria as well as holding down the bass in Stellar Young. The video also features Chris Bittner (original 3 bassist, house engineer of Applehead Studio). Anthony Masington of Session 606, Gangstroph The Baptist, DJ Dirty Ern, Mattrix, Joey Eppard, and Jimmy Eppard make appearances in the various clips.


About Neesh

I'm a quiet girl. and I like cheeeeese. I'm taking life one day at a time, but I know that I want to help my fellow artists bring the magic from their dreams to life as well as provide our children with hope and love. I'm a huge fan of unadulterated self-expression and am a bit of an unorthodox artist myself. I do what I do to allow gifted artists to focus on their craft. As long as I have a pen & paper, am surrounded by love, and have access to forward-moving music at my fingertips... I'm content with paving my own path. I follow my heart with hopes it will lead me down the appropriate path. I live and I learn. I'm Neesh. What up? m/ Oh! I host a weekly radio show/podcast on Radio Xenu! http://neeshcast.com for all the info and past episodes <3


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