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Review: Young Dreams by Algebrahs


Algebrahs is an indie rock duo composed of Zachary Winans and Gio Prieto. They just released a five track album called Young Dreams on March 1st. What can I say? It’s awesome, well more than awesome. I’m a sucker for Indie and that is why I chose to do this review. Gio linked me to their bandcamp profile and I was skeptical at first but after the first two minutes i was already into the music. The album is extremely chill and mellow but its perfect. They incorporate beautiful guitars with mellow percussion for the ultimate indie experience. Not to mention, the vocals are simplistic, but alluring to say the least. The perfect setting for this album would be a a quiet beach, and that’s where I imagined myself while listening to it. These two are very talented and have put together pretty damn solid album. I, without a doubt, will be downloading this album, which is free on their bandcamp profile, and listening to it whenever i just want to mellow out or had a long day. Its perfect and its beautiful. If you were looking for a great indie band, here you go.





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