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Emerging Artist: Being As An Ocean

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From the small town of Alpine in Southern California comes a melodic hardcore band called Being As An Ocean. Their debut full length, Dear G-d…, came out this past September. It was amazing. No…amazing can not describe this, it was beyond amazing. This album gave me the chills. This band gives me the chills. I can’t describe the feeling I get whenever I listen to a song by them. They put so much emotion into their music, it just gets to you. Being As An Ocean is extremely talented; their music is intricate and very detailed. They give off a solemn, saddened tone but it emanates through your body. You can feel it. You can live it. You know the exact position Joel, their vocalist, was in when he was writing the music. Words can’t really describe how much different they are from any other band, and they prove it on this album.  The lyrics are beautiful, they are meaningful and so very powerful. I sit on the edge of my seat every time one of their songs pops up on my iTunes or Last.fm. When Joel is writing, his life and his mind pours out to paper and you get an inside glance on his mind, his feelings and his emotions. It makes you think.



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