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New Music: The Sunshine Factory – “Marigold, I Know”


One of my favorite local bands down here in LA (That’s Lower Alabama) is shoegaze trio The Sunshine Factory. The band consists of Ian Taylor (lead vocals/guitar), Sally Robertson (bass/background vocals) and Clay Bates (drums). The band has been leaking some of the new material from their upcoming 3rd record, who’s name has yet to be released. The new song from the trio is the happy but heavy jam “Marigold, I Know”, which can be picked up today at their Bandcamp page for Pay What You Want (Yes, that means even free!).

The song is a really awesome blend of the sweet shoegaze goodness I love. I love the sweet bending that Ian’s guitar puts down, and Sally’s bass line and Clay’s drumming perfectly serve the song, making it a very pleasant experience.

Check out “Marigold, I Know” for yourself here:

Also, check out the band’s pledgemusic.com page, where they are still taking donations for the new record and giving away some awesome stuff with a certain donation. The band has already reached their goal, but 25% of the extra they earn from the donations goes to the ASPCA. Rocking out for charity! Yeah!

Also check out the video for “Twisted and Clover” off their previous record, 2011’s Sugar, here:


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