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DJ’s Top Releases of 2012

2012 has left us with a spectacular amount of great music from all over the genre spectrum with some long anticipated and some surprise releases.  Personally, I am very pleased with the past year in music. Much more so than last year.  That being said, here are the top albums that I have found the most noteable throughout all of 2012.

100) Bats- The Sleep of Reason
(math rock/post hardcore)

99) Constants- Pasiflora
(shoegaze/post rock)

98) Hawk Eyes- Ideas

97) Capacities- The Unexamined Life

96) Aesop Rock- Skelethon
(hip hop)

95) We Came Out Like Tigers- Agelessness and Lack

94) The Early November- In Currents

93) Killing Joke- MMXII
(post punk)

92) Sleepmakeswaves- Sleepmakeswaves
(post rock)

91) Stumbleine- Spiderwebbed

90) The Gaslight Anthem- Handwritten

89) Torche- Harmonicraft
(stoner rock/sludge)

88) Pop. 1280- The Horror
(post punk)

87) Pity Sex- Dark World

86) Dyscarnate- And So It Came to Pass
(death metal)

85) Witch Mountain- Cauldron of the Wild
(doom/stoner metal)

84) Baroness- Yellow and Green

83) Whirr- Pipe Dreams
(shoegaze/dream pop)

82) If These Trees Could Talk- Red Forest
(post rock)

81) A City Sorrow Built- Songs
(screamo/post rock)

80) Vowel- All the Sad Songs
(screamo/post hardcore)

79) Bersarin Quartett- II

78) Cursive- I Am Gemini
(post hardcore/indie)

77) Ape Up!- Kemosabe

76) Andy Stott- Luxury Problems
(minimal techno/dub)

75) Birds in Row- You, Me, and the Violence

74) Old Man Gloom- NO
(post metal)

73) You’ll Live- Above the Weather
(post punk/emo)

72) Beach House- Bloom
(indie pop)

71) Shark Bait- Phantom Feelings

70) Sigur Ros- Valtari
(post rock/indie)

69) Apart- Gray Light
(post hardcore/screamo)

68) Glocca Morra- Just Married

67) Kowloon Walled City- Container Ships
(metal/sludge/noise rock)

66) Dikembe- Broad Shoulders
(emo/pop punk)

65) Anaal Nathrakh- Vanitas
(black metal/grindcore)

64) Unsane- Wreck
(noise rock/hardcore/post hardcore)

63) Loma Prieta- I.V.

62) Pg.Lost- Key
(post rock)

61) Night Verses- Out of the Sky
(post hardcore)

60) Author & Punisher- Ursus Americanus

59) Dying Fetus- Reign Supreme
(death metal/grind)

58) The Men- Open Your Heart
(noise rock/post punk)

57) You Blew It!- Grow Up, Dude

56) Beau Navire- Lumens

55) Duck. Little Brother, Duck!- Don’t Take Our Filth Away

54) …And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead- Lost Songs

53) The Saddest Landscape- After the Lights

52) Absvrdist- Illusory

51) Islands- Islands
(post metal)

50) Alcest- Les Voyages De L Ame
(black metal/post rock)

49) Tineidae- Lights

48) Black Breath- Sentenced to Life

47) Vision of Disorder- The Cursed Remain Curse

46) State Faults- Desolate Peaks
(emo/post hardcore/screamo)

45) Ne Obliviscaris- Portal of I
(progressive/black metal/death metal)

44) Trophywife- Hold Onto Your Luck
(post hardcore/post rock)

43) Joie de Vivre- We’re All Better Than This

42) Like Rats- Like Rats

41) Crosses- EP II

40) High on Fire- De Vermis Mysteriis
(stoner metal/doom)

39) Acres- Acres
(post hardcore/post rock)

38) Athletics- Who You Are is Not Enough
(post rock/post hardcore)

37) Old Gray- Everything I Let Go & the Things I Refuse To

36) Titus Andronicus- Local Business

35) Les Discrets- Ariettes Oubliees
(post rock/shoegaze/progressive)

34) Vales- Clarity
(emo/post hardcore)

33) Converge- All We Love We Leave Behind

32) Burial- Kindred

31) Kendrick Lamar- good kid, m.A.A.d city
(hip hop)

30) The Secret- Agnus Dei
(hardcore/black metal)

29) Pig Destroyer- Book Burner

28) Leech- If We Get There One Day Would You Please Open the Gates?
(post rock)

27) Earth- Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light II

26) Deftones- Koi No Yokan
(alternative/hard rock)

25) ÆGES- The Bridge
(post hardcore/stoner metal)

(hip hop/jazz)

23) Afgrund- The Age of Dumb

22) Trachimbrod- A Collection of Hidden Sketches
(screamo/post rock)

21) Neurosis- Honor Found in Decay
(post metal)

20) Godspeed You! Black Emperor- ‘Allelujah! Don’t Bend! Ascend!
(post rock)

19) El-P- Cancer 4 Cure
(hip hop)

18) Caspian- Walking Season
(post rock)

17) Om- Advaitic Songs
(psychedelic/doom/stoner metal)

16) Flying Lotus- Until the Quiet Comes
(electronic/hip hop)

15) Gypsy- Giant’s Despair

Best Jawbreaker sounding band since Jawbreaker.

14) Dads- American Radass (This is Important)

13) Fugenn & the White Elephants- Prays

just say i like this cause im dj
and fuck you

12) Servants of Silence- Weightless Thoughts
(post rock)

11) Enslaved- RIITIIR
(black metal/progressive)

10) Toundra- III
(post rock/metal)

This band does not get the love that they deserve, especially here in the states.  They pick up right where “II” left off with their commanding and captivating brand of heavy post-rock.  Every song is very well constructed and tells its own story.  This does not mean that the album as a whole does not flow together.  As a single composition even, this album would still be spectacular.

9) Enabler- All Hail the Void


Seriously though, this is a rager.

8) Gaza- No Absolutes in Human Suffering

Back in 2008 when I first heard Gaza’s “I Don’t Care Where I Go When I Die”, I was immediately drawn in by their sound and message.  Shortly after, when “He Is Never Coming Back” dropped, my fascination with them grew tenfold.  However, when I first heard their most recent effort, I was not overcome with that same emotion.  It took me a good while to realize that this was by far their best release to date.  Sticking a specific genre to these guys is impossible.  Progressivemathmetalsludgecrustmetallichardcore or whatever you want to call them, they continue to be the best in pushing creativity in the genre.

7) r.roo- mgnovenie

Having only been delving into electronic music for a few years, this release left me baffled.  Such an intriguing release.  R.roo exhibits a near perfect mixture of beats and atmosphere. Every song takes ahold of you and brings you through ups and downs and many different moods, while still keeping an overall dark/eerie feeling. This grows on me with every listen.  It will interesting to see which direction this guy’s music will go in in the future.

6) Annabel- Youth in Youth

This lovely emo indie album almost did not make it into this list. My whole year end list was made up, then this came along and I had to rearrange yet again. It has caught me offguard to say the very least. The overall sound of this album is best described as the offspring of The Appleseed Cast (Mare Vitalis age) and Joie de Vivre. It is a very warm and fun album with no dull moments. The last five tracks are where the release really shines. The closer “Our Days Were Numbered” is packed with emotion and if you’re anything like me, will leave you wanting to listen to it over and over again. While it is nothing groundbreakingly amazing, it is still one of those albums worth the listen if you are in need of a pick me up.

5) Amenra- Mass V
(post metal)

Seems to be a lot of hype over this release, and in my opinion, it is well deserving of it. It has been 3 years since I first caught wind of the band and listened to Mass IIII. In that time I have personally grown very anxious for this release. While all in all I wish it had more originality that would separate them from the constant Neurosis comparisons, this is far from disappointing. This is without a doubt their best release to date. Any sludge/post metal/doom fan should enjoy this in some way.

4) Japandroids- Celebration Rock

Three years after their debut album, Post Nothing, the 2 person powerhouse, Japandroids, give us this amazing release. Celebration Rock picks back up where Post Nothing left off. The album is vigorous, exhilarating and full of heartfelt lyrics. Definitely the feel good album of the year.

3) Downfall of Gaia- Suffocating in the Swarm of Cranes
(post metal/crust)

Downfall of Gaia are a relatively young band, having formed in 2008.  In just 4 years they have already evolved their sound leaps and bounds from where they started.  Think Fall of Efrafa and Alpinist meshed together with a hint of Neurosis, and you have Downfall of Gaia.  Suffocating in the Swarm of Cranes is the perfect anger filled depressed album for a gloomy day.

2) Swans- The Seer
(post punk/post rock/industrial)

Swans have never really one of those bands that I find easy to get into, not making much of an impact over their 30 year history.  They have however had an obvious presence, even to those who have never bothered to listen.  Constantly scrounging for a sound that works out for them.  The Seer is that album.  The album takes  the best of everything that Swans have done in the past and exemplifies it into a masterpiece.

1) Hammock- Departure Songs
(post rock/shoegaze)

Hammock keep worrying me that they are going to release something worse than their previous release, but every time a new release comes about I am left astounded.  The gorgeous soundscapes in Departure Songs put most of their other work to shame. This is definitely their most progressive release to date.  They have created a unique sound, evolved it to near perfection, and have captivated fans everywhere emotionally. Truely a beautiful album, well worth it’s number 1 spot on this list.

Thank you for checking this out, and here’s to (hopefully) another great musical year!




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