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Cleofis’ Top 10 albums of 2012+ 10 honorable mentions because he’s the worst.

10. Purity Ring – Shrines: Super fuzzy pop music surrounding creepy, surreal lyrics. Layers and layers of melodies in order to create that drugged out feel with very ghastly vocals

9. Death Grips – No Love Deep Web: Putting Money Store above this would just be silly. They ditched a whole tour for The Money Store because they had all these ideas that they needed to get out. After Epic giving them the run around for 3-4 months and firing anyone who had anything to do with them they decided to go to the internet and advertise and release it via torrenting sites against Epic’s will. This album is the “happy medium” between the soft and a bit too dancy “Money Store” and the over abrasive and unbridled aggression that was “Exmilitary”. Bass Rattle Stars Out The Sky is such a great song. It also has some great NSFW album art.

8. Dark Time Sunshine – ANX: A who’s who of backpacker guest spots (Busdriver. Aesop Rock, P.O.S, Sollalillaqist of Sound). Has a little bit of everything(funk grooves, soulful beats, some glitch, solid rap). Truly attempts to elevate hip hop beats to another level and gets some really good performancers from some old faces to make what could end up amounting to the backpacker holy grail.

7. Captain Murphy – Duality:Solid beats, great theme that truly emerses the listener into the crazy world of Flying Lotus’ alter ego Captain Murphy. A fairly solid list of production guest spots(Alejandro Jodorowsky, Madlib, Just Blaze, TNGHT, Samiyam) while FlyLo change most of his focus to rapping and even producing a short film that goes with the mixtape.

6. Frank Ocean – Channel Orange: Solid RnB story telling from probably the most talented member of Odd Future. He carefully crafts a handful of characters and really tells a story with many of his songs. Pyramid is a virtual Masterpiece.

5. Kendrick Lamar – good kid, m.A.A.d city:I really can’t do anything but add to the hyperbole already surrounding Kendrick. He’s west coast Nas. He’s the savior of west coast. A prodigy. And he absolutely kills it.

4. Grimes – Visions: Much like Purity Ring except much less creepy and much more cutesy. A mix between 80s synthpop and hipster low-fi.

3.Tame Impala – Lonerism: Reminds me of classic rock/pysch rock. This is truly a great album and it’s the only one on my list that uses guitars. It feels very pink floyd to me for some reason.

2. Tyme. X Tujiko – GYU: Collaboration between Japanese avant-pop singer Tujiko Noriko(think Japanese Bjork) and Japanese producer Tatsuya Yamada. It’s very bubbly and has some very intricate arrangements. Some glitch but it mostly feels like a deconstruction of J-Pop.

1. Action Bronson – Blue chips: What if Ghostface Killer rapped over some Party Supplies beats? What if the album was also one of the rawest rap albums ever released? Botched lines (purposely and accidental), left in bleeps from macbooks, people talking in the background of the recording, but the rough edges are honestly what makes the album so damn good. Oh yeah, and he would kick my ass for comparing him to Ghostface.

Honorable Mentions
The Men – Open Your Heart
Quakers – Quakers
Chromatics – Kill for Love
Flying Lotus – Until The Quiet Comes
Joey Bada$$ – 1999
Killer Mike – R.A.P Music
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – Pamyu Pamyu Revolution
Laurel Halo – Quarantine
Crocodiles – Endless Flowers




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