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DJ’s Honorable Mention Releases of 2012

2012 has been a pretty decent year in music. In comparrison to 2011, this year took the cake. Over the course of this year I listened to just a few less than 300 new releases. This list covers the ones that I feel are worth a listen to, but ultimately did not qualify for the final list that I will post at a later date.

100) Ghost Cat- Cave Sounds
(screamo/post hardcore)

99) Wolf Whistle- MA Glory

98) The Samuel Jackson Five- The Samuel Jackson Five
(post rock/jazz/progressive)

97) Arktika- Symmetry
(post rock/screamo)

96) Phobia- Remnants of Filth

95) No Class- Keine Klasse II

94) Wolfbrigade- Damned

93) OFF!- OFF!

92) Addaura- Burning For the Ancient
(black metal)

91) Ceremony- Zoo

90) Black Moth Super Rainbow- Cobra Juicy
(trip hop/indie/psychedelic)

89) Lymbyc Systym- Symbolyst
(post rock)

88) Iron Cages- Demo

87) Cheap Girls- Giant Orange

86) Town Portal- Chronopoly
(math rock/post metal/instrumental)

85) Joyce Manor- Of All Things I Will Soon Grow Tired
(pop punk)

84) Full of Hell/Code Orange Kids- Split

(electronic/hip hop/trap)

82) The Menzingers- On the Impossible Past

81) Nothing- Downward Years to Come

80) Troubled Coast- I’ve Been Thinking About Leaving You
(post hardcore/emo)

79) Lol Boys- Changes

78) Junior Bruce- The Headless King

77) Four Tet- Pink

76) Killer Mike- R.A.P. Music
(hip hop)

75) Suburban Scum- Hanging By A Thread

74) Rhinocervs- RH-12
(atmospheric black metal)

73) Arrows/Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate)- Split

72) You Slut!- Medium Bastard
(math rock/post rock)

71) Purity Ring- Shrines
(electronic/indie pop/chillwave)

70) All the Saints- Intro to Fractions

69)Caravels/Gifts From Enola- Split
(Caravels- emo/post hardcore, GFE- post rock)

68) Vilipend- Inamorata

67) Dinosaur Jr.- I Bet On Sky

66) Adaje- Yore Veils
(screamo/post hardcore)

65) Ghostlimb- Confluence

64) We Were Skeletons- Blame & Aging
(emo/post hardcore)

63) Code Orange Kids- Love is Love//Return to Dust

62) Chvrches- The Mother We Share
(indie pop/electronic)

61) Quiet Steps- Secular

60) Slingshot Dakota- Dark Hearts

59) Om Unit- Aeolian

58) Dead Swans- Anxiety and Everything Else
(melodic hardcore)

58) Xibalba- Hasta La Muerte

57) iamamiwhoami- Kin

56) Dartagnan- Breadwinner
(pop punk)

55) Pswingset- All Our False Starts

54) No Trigger- Tycoon
(melodic hardcore/punk)

53) Rise and Fall- Faith

52) Voyage in Coma- We Made a Pact
(post hardcore/emo)

51) Slug Guts- Playin’ In Time With the Deadbeat
(post punk)

50) Crippled Black Phoenix- (Mankind) The Crafty Ape
(progressive/post rock)

49) Foxes/Iselia- Split
(post hardcore)

48) Janus- Nox Aeris
(hard rock)

47) Cloud Nothings- Attack On Memory
(indie/lo fi)

46) Republic of Dreams- Republic of Dreams

45) Prose- Salty Sea (Polaroid Evening)

44) Sharks- No Gods

43) Spraynard- Exton Square
(emo/pop punk)

42) Napalm Death- Utilitarian

41) Classics of Love- Classics of Love

40) Sectarian Violence- Sectarian Violence

39) Self Defense Family- Self Immolation Family b/w World Virgins
(post hardcore)

38) Powder! Go Away- We Don’t Know when It Has Begun, But We Know That It Will Never End
(post rock)

37) Cerce- Cerce

36) Daylight- The Difference Between Good and Bad Dreams
(pop punk/emo)

35) Mono- For My Parents
(post rock)

34) Everything in Slow Motion- Red
(post hardcore/post metal)

33) Departures- Teenage Haze
(melodic hardcore)

32) Clubroot- III MMXII

31) Bone Dance- Bone Dance

30) General Lee- Raiders of the Evil Eye
(post metal)

29) Meshuggah- Koloss
(progressive metal)

28) Junior Healy- Two Trees, Rain

27) Beardfish- The Void

26) Rituals- Rituals
(post metal)

25) Cotidal- EP1
(post rock/metal)

24) Aussitot Mort- Nagykanizsa
(post rock/screamo)

23) Everyone Everywhere- Everyone Everywhere

22) Polar.- Iron Lungs

21) Sirs- Sirs
(punk/post hardcore)

20) Every Time I Die- Ex Lives

19) Pulled Apart By Horses- Tough Love
(post hardcore)

18) Surgeon- Surgeon
(post rock)

17) Narrows- Painted
(metalcore/post metal)

16) Ilsa- Intoxications

15) The Mars Volta- Noctourniquet
(progressive rock)

14) Kyte- Love to Be Lost
(post rock/indie pop)

13) Kayo Dot- Gamma Knife
(progressive/post rock)

12) Devil Sold His Soul- Empire of Light
(metalcore/post rock)

11) Prawn- Ships

10) Desolate- Celestial Light Beings

9) Cathedraal- Voix Blanches
(emo/black metal/post hardcore)

8) Blu and Exile- Give Me My Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them
(hip hop)

7) Foxes- Foxes
(post hardcore/emo)

6) Light Black- Ex Wives
(emo/post hardcore/screamo)

5) Blonde Bear- Blonde Bear
(post rock)

4) Lights Out Asia- Hy-Brasil
(post rock)

3) Moving Mountains- New Light
(post rock/indie/post hardcore)

2) Ash Borer- Cold of Ages
(atmospheric black metal)

1) Nile- At the Gates of Sethu
(death metal)

Thanks for Looking! Final list coming soon.



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