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SESSION 606 debuts new single + New EP up for preorder

Anthony MasingtonYes, it’s true! The New Prog phenom from Trevose, PA has a spankin new EP coming out! That makes three in one year! Looks like No Zeros has a December 13, 2012 release date and will be 5 tracks long. You can preorder the EP for $4 on bandcamp, plus grab a new track right away! No Zeros was produced by Chris Bittner of Applehead Recording and Production (who’s also done work with Coheed and Cambria, 3, John Mayer, Bad Brains, Anadivine, Levon Helm, Weerd Science, Stellar Young, The Sleeping, Blondie and countless other great bands).

Check out the new track, “THRTY/SXTN,” below!

(if you’re not into preordering the full digital EP, the track alone is just a buck)

Annnnd here’s REBIRTH, the EP SESSION 606 released earlier this year.

Oh, did I mention the ANOREXICA EP is 100% free?

Find SESSION 606 on twitter (@Session606) and on facebook!


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