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Lost Weerd Science Music Video Surfaces

Weerd Science (Josh Eppard)Weerd Science is the voice and creative hip hop outlet of Josh Eppard, the drummer of “New Prog” band, Coheed and Cambria. It’s no secret that Eppard battled a heroin addiction– in fact, the last Weerd Science album, Sick Kids, details Josh’s personal struggle without sparing the brutal details. Though the album was released last May, the only official music video surfaced on Thursday. Just as honest as the album is, the music video for Asylum In Skin holds nothing back.

Corey Kotsol, a dear friend of Weerd Science’s, went missing at the time of filming. The footage at the end was filmed during their search. Corey wasn’t as lucky as Science- he was consumed by his addiction. To work through the pain, Weerd Science dropped a verse on “Twenty-Three (2011 Remix).”

The Weerd Science Sick Kids album is on bandcamp for digital download and you can grab a physical cd through MerchDirect. The first album, Friends and Nervous Breakdowns, is available (digitally and physically) through MerchNow.

Josh Eppard is several years clean and sober, back in Coheed and Cambria, and is gearing up to head out on tour with Iron Maiden. He also played on the new Coheed and Cambria album, which was recorded at the studio where much of Sick Kids was. There’s no word on a title, release date, or release method yet.

  • July 24 – Winnipeg, Canada*
  • July 26 – Calgary, Canada*
  • July 27 – Edmonton, Canada*
  • July 29 – Vancouver, Canada*
  • July 30 – Auburn, WA*
  • Aug 01 – Salt Lake City, UT*
  • Aug 02 – Reno, NV (headlining off date)
  • Aug 03 – Mountain View, CA*
  • Aug 04 – Sacramento, CA*
  • Aug 06 – Phoenix, AZ*
  • Aug 07 – Tucson, AZ (headlining off date)
  • Aug 09 – Irvine, CA*
  • Aug 10 – Irvine, CA*
  • Aug 12 – Albuquerque, NM*
  • Aug 13 – Denver, CO*
  • Aug 15 – San Antonio, TX*
  • Aug 16 – Pharr, TX (headlining off date w/ Girls In A Coma, Boyfrndz)
  • Aug 17 – Dallas, TX*
  • Aug 18 – Houston, TX*
  • Aug 24 – Reading Festival – Reading, United Kingdom
  • Aug 25 – Leeds Festival – Bramham, United Kingdom
  • Sept 15 – Riot Fest – Chicago, IL
  • Sept 16 – The End of Summer Weenie Roast – Charlotte, NC

* = opening for Iron Maiden


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