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Going Past Skin-Deep

The subject of my editorial this week is one that some might disagree with, but I feel I have to address. A good number of people decide that they should get a tattoo the moment that they turn eighteen for no reason other than the fact that they can. In my opinion, this is one … Continue reading

Lost Weerd Science Music Video Surfaces

Weerd Science is the voice and creative hip hop outlet of Josh Eppard, the drummer of “New Prog” band, Coheed and Cambria. It’s no secret that Eppard battled a heroin addiction– in fact, the last Weerd Science album, Sick Kids, details Josh’s personal struggle without sparing the brutal details. Though the album was released last May, … Continue reading

Gotta Love the Tiger Waves

The other day I was exploring Bandcamp, looking for some cool music and I stumbled upon “Weekends,” the new single by Tiger Waves. I decided to look for more of their music and I downloaded their previous EP, Don’t Be Yourself. All of these tracks are so relaxing and I love hearing them. Ever since I … Continue reading