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New Athletics album is available FOR FREE! Listening party tonight!

AthleticsToday PPRAE favorite, Athletics, released their second album, Who You Are Is Not Enough… FOR FREE! Physical copies are also on sale for a very special, limited preorder. Along with the WYAINE cd you will also get their first full length, Why Aren’t I Home? in hand-numbered packaging (there’s only 40 available). Additionally the preorder comes with a print which is numbered and signed by James Heimer PLUS a t-shirt!

Both WYAINE and WAIH were recorded and mixed by Greg Dunn of Moving Mountains. “I Am Withdrawal” is currently the #3 most awesomed song in the Pop Punk/Rock/Alternative/Emo turntable.fm room. To celebrate this release, we will be listening to the full album tonight at 9:30 pm EST, hosted by TarMazz.


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I'm a quiet girl. and I like cheeeeese. I'm taking life one day at a time, but I know that I want to help my fellow artists bring the magic from their dreams to life as well as provide our children with hope and love. I'm a huge fan of unadulterated self-expression and am a bit of an unorthodox artist myself. I do what I do to allow gifted artists to focus on their craft. As long as I have a pen & paper, am surrounded by love, and have access to forward-moving music at my fingertips... I'm content with paving my own path. I follow my heart with hopes it will lead me down the appropriate path. I live and I learn. I'm Neesh. What up? m/ Oh! I host a weekly radio show/podcast on Radio Xenu! http://neeshcast.com for all the info and past episodes <3


One thought on “New Athletics album is available FOR FREE! Listening party tonight!

  1. This was awesome and thank you Tarmazz!

    Posted by Jon | June 26, 2012, 11:44 pm

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