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Don’t Hate the Player, Hate the Game

The inevitable passing of time has brought the people of the northern hemisphere to the most lively of seasons; Summer. As much as I hate summer for the truckloads of ignorant tourists that it brings to my hometown, it also brings something that I perennially look forward to; Summer brings people outdoors, which in turn … Continue reading

New Athletics album is available FOR FREE! Listening party tonight!

Today PPRAE favorite, Athletics, released their second album, Who You Are Is Not Enough… FOR FREE! Physical copies are also on sale for a very special, limited preorder. Along with the WYAINE cd you will also get their first full length, Why Aren’t I Home? in hand-numbered packaging (there’s only 40 available). Additionally the preorder comes … Continue reading

Youngblood Hawke signs to Universal Republic.

Youngblood Hawke released through facebook recently that they have decided to sign with Universal Republic and that they will be releasing a new EP sometime in August. There isn’t a bunch of info on the subject yet, but based on their self-titled EP and their song “Rootless”, this EP looks like it has a lot of … Continue reading

Dead Unicorn Discography [100% Free]

Dead Unicorn, a self-described “apocalyptic indie-core” duo from Kingston, New York, have posted their ENTIRE DISCOGRAPHY online for free download. They’re currently writing a third album and I’m going to bet… that will also be up for free download upon its completion! Just a sneaking suspicion, considering drummer/vocalist Zac Shaw moonlights as a music industry … Continue reading

Awesome Bands You Should Know About

This is my first post for this blog and it is also the first time I have ever written anything that wasn’t for school, so expect me to mess up a few times. I decided to share some music you should all should definitely check out. Magic Milk This band is fun to listen and … Continue reading

Ape Up! – Kemosabe (Stream)

Boston punk band Ape Up! is currently streaming their debut album Kemosabe on the Count Your Lucky Stars bandcamp. This is their first release with a label and is the first work that we’ve heard from them that isn’t a demo. While the album only clocks in at around 20 minutes, the album is so jammed … Continue reading

Lit Hop? Music Video & EP Preorder

The usual sunny-blonde MC Lars has dyed his hair black in support of his latest project, The Edgar Allan Poe EP. The post-punk laptop rapper is tackling what he passionately refers to as, “Lit-Hop.” In the past, he’s released several songs about Edgar Allan Poe: “Mr. Raven” (with a Brand New sample) off his free 2004 … Continue reading

Setting Fire to the Hipster Bandwagon.

This being my first contribution to the blog, I decided that I should write about something I feel very strongly about. Of course, I feel strongly about quite a few things, but one thing comes to mind on this particular day. One of the biggest problems with music today, more specifically the type of music … Continue reading

Project News/Tour Dates: Fred Mascherino (ex-Taking Back Sunday) is Back For More!

Remember that guy who sang, played guitar, and wrote songs for Taking Back Sunday’s Where You Want to Be and Louder Now? He was in Breaking Pangaea prior to all that, then began working the solo circuit as The Color Fred. More recently, Fred Mascherino formed Terrible Things. Somewhat of a supergroup, Terrible Things released … Continue reading

Label/Album News: The Dear Hunter + Equal Vision Records = Cave & Canary Goods

The Dear Hunter (ex-The Receiving End of Sirens) and Equal Vision records announced today that Casey Crescenzo is launching his own imprint label: Cave & Canary Goods, in conjunction with EVR. The Dear Hunter are set to begin production on a new album late summer. Equal Vision Records, baby. All my favorites. Since 2002. Fucking … Continue reading